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Poker games

poker gamesThere are many poker games and it is surely impossible to master all of them or even know them. There are even variants played in only one or two countries. Below you will find the identified variants are currently the most played.

Texas Holdem
Everyone now knows that this variant is the cause of the explosion of poker. Currently, the only broadcast television almost as No Limit Texas Holdem but be aware that we can play in Limit and Pot-Limit as well. The great strength of the Rush NLHE is supplied, the twists are at every carpet, our heart races. Simplicity, chips fly, of turning situations, bluffs, is the perfect alternative for evenings with friends.


Omaha is often played pot limit or limit. Both variants are the most played Omaha Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi / Lo to four cards. In some casinos, you can find an alternative to five cards, but no online poker room does offer yet. It is a game of draws since it has four cards and there is a flop, a turn and a river as in Holdem. It is perfect for high rollers and therefore for the good players who will benefit from the generosity of these first. Currently, the highest tables, play more often in Omaha Holdem.

7 Card Stud
Several variations of Stud exist but most of the time, you can find in online poker rooms as Seven Card Stud. Like Omaha, it can also be played in Hi Hi / Lo. The variant is used only in Limit. Observe all cards are visible from the table is the key to success, novice players not doing or knowing very little to do, you can have an advantage over them by studying a minimum of variation.

Razz is a variation far less known than others. It is a game of stud and plays that limit. Unlike the other where the goal is to hit straights, full houses and the other winning combinations, you need to razz the lowest hand possible. The first time we played, the change is radical and it feels a world apart but once mastered, it's a very interesting game. Alternative deserves to be known as it is technical and many hours of play are required to become a good player.

Five Card Draw
We all saw this film in a poker game played by thugs when they bet their savings they have not. Previously, she was the most played. It is ideal to start playing poker since soon learns the power of different hands and there are only two betting rounds. There are no community cards, store cards but only five per player. Even more so than any other variant, the bluff is present but also the technique. However, few players paid attention to anything but their cards while sitting at a table of good players, you soon notice the difference between them and an average player.

HORSE meets several variants: Holdem, Omaha Hi / Lo, Razz, Stud Hi and Stud Hi / Lo Eight or Better known as. He still plays in Limit. The Horse is the hardest variant, it is not for nothing that the Horse event at the WSOP is the most expensive with a buy in of $ 50,000. Master one or two variations of poker is difficult then five, this is a real challenge. However, there are the different poker rooms online auction tables low, it is perfect for learning the Horse.
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